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Helpful Hints for Selling Your Home

Posted by Sylvester Properties on 20th March 2015

When your house has been sat on the market for a while and you’re wondering if it’s ever going to sell it’s obvious that you are going to start worrying. There’s many reasons why a property won’t sell perhaps it’s not the right market, up at the wrong price or perhaps your agent isn’t giving it the attention it deserves? Or, maybe it’s something much simpler that you can do to boost the properties potential? We’ve spoken to our top sellers here at Sylvester Properties and compiled a list of some of things you can do to make your home more likely to sell.

  1. First Impressions Count – First impressions do count and unfortunately people do judge a book by its cover (or a house by its garden, if you prefer) so think like a buyer here. You know your house is pristine and beautiful inside but from the outside perhaps it looks a little worse for wear? As a buyer their going to image the inside is as run down as externally aren’t they? To make sure your first impressions are good ones try tidying up outside of your house – trim bushes, weed, repaint the front door and if there’s a path make sure it’s clean and tidy.

  1. Clean, Fix and Declutter! – Now the outside is looking good time to turn your attention to the internals. A clean home isn’t just a happy home it’s a sales ready home! Spring clean your house from top to bottom; remember to pay extra attention to those high traffic rooms like your kitchen and bathroom. Once your house is clean enough to welcome Kim and Aggie to inspect it have a good look around at things that may need a fix. Whether it’s a cracked tile, stain on the carpet or those sticky finger marks on the floor get out your tools and get fixing! Finally de-clutter! Clutter can make your home seem smaller and disorganised, throw away unwanted things or move them into storage.

  1. The beiger the better! – Potential buyers need to walk through your house and imagine themselves living there; the best way to do this is through neutral tones. You may love having a blood red bathroom but the odds are that when your new buyer looks at it their wondering how many coats of white emulsion it will take to remove! This may take a few weeks to accomplish but trust us it’s worth it in the end.

  1. Rover, Spot and Mrs. Whiskers – Pets are a staple part of most family homes however when it comes to selling your home they can be more of a hindrance than a help! The pet lovers who call for a viewing or going to spend more time petting the dog than looking around the house, the pet haters are going to rush in and out without having a real look around and for the length of time they are there feeling far to uncomfortable and those with allergies? Well just wave goodbye to that sale straight away! We recommend keeping your beloved pets out of sight, move all food bowls, litter trays and toys just to be certain your buyers are looking at the house rather than Rover’s new trick!

  1. It’s the little things – When preparing for viewing try to showcase your home at its best. Fresh flowers, candles lit and the perfect lighting. You want your potential buyers to walk in and feel like they want to move in right now.

We wish you the best of luck! And remember if you’d like a little more help just call us on 01207 262 111 and we’d be happy to pop out to see you.

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